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Armed robber

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Armed robber
Armed robber.jpg
First appearance Control
In-story stats
Known ability None
Formal name Unknown
Home Los Angeles, CA
Occupation Robber

Officer Matt Parkman has a high-speed car chase through the street of Los Angeles to catch an armed robber.

Character History

Graphic Novel:Control

Matt Parkman receives a call that an armed robbery has occurred at Longridge Savings & Loan. Despite the robber's thoughts being "all over the place", Parkman feels confident that he can read the man's mind. The robber leads the chase into Grove Promenade, a pedestrian shopping area. Parkman uses his power to guide him, until he finally T-bones the robber's car. The criminal appears to sustain a head injury, and is subsequently apprehended.


  • The armed robber drives a white sports car. The dispatcher reports his license plate as #345L7576. Midchase, his license plate reads #DFT122. After Matt apprehends the robber, his license plate reads "SOMA11".

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