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Beth Sotelo

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Beth Sotelo
Beth Sotelo.JPG
Title Colorist
Date of birth 7 May 1974
Origin San Gabriel Valley, CA, USA
Gender Female
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Beth Sotelo is a comic book colorist.


Since 2001, Beth has worked for Top Cow, Marvel, and DC Comics. However, her most prolific work has been done for Aspen Comics, under Michael Turner's direction. Beth's credits include coloring numerous issues of Fathom, as well as New X-Men, EVO, Witchblade, The Magdalena, Soulfire, Supergirl, and Shrugged.

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  • Beth is married to Joel Gomez, staff artist for Wildstorm.
  • While working for Top Cow, Beth was interviewed for Countdown to Wednesday, a documentary about breaking in to the comic book business.

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