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Daphne's medal

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Daphne's medal
Hiro discovers the medal.

First mentioned: The Butterfly Effect
Owned by: Daphne
Current status: In Daphne's possession

Daphne's medal for first place in a school 100-yard dash is used as a bartering tool by Hiro Nakamura.


The Butterfly Effect

In Daphne Millbrook's apartment in Paris, Hiro devises a plan by which to re-obtain the stolen formula through ransom. He notices the medal, realizing its potential importance to the speedster. When Daphne returns, she initially plays along. Hiro hands the medal to Ando, but she reneges on the deal and threatens to cut Ando's throat unless she can take both the medal and the formula. After a brief hesitation, Hiro agrees and Daphne races away. Wondering how they will find the formula now, Hiro reveals that he placed a tracking device on the medal whilst time was frozen. Hiro and Ando teleport away to Berlin, Germany.

Graphic Novel:The Caged Bird, Part 1

Daphne holds the medal as she walks with her mother in their cornfield.



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