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Devil-masked wrestler

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Devil-masked wrestler
El Diablo.jpg
First appearance Vengeance, Part 1
In-story stats
Known ability None
Formal name Unknown
Home Los Angeles, CA
Occupation Wrestler

A devil-masked wrestler fights El Vengador in 1994.

Character History

Graphic Novel:Vengeance, Part 1

In Los Angeles in 1994, Mr. Gutierrez takes his sons Oscar and Carlos to see a wrestling match featuring the devil-masked wrestler, a skull-masked wrestler and El Vengador. During the match, the devil-masked wrestler punches Vengador, comes up behind him and traps him in a lock so that the skull-masked wrestler can easily punch Vengador. However, Vengador escapes by throwing the devil-masked wrestler over his shoulder and into his other opponent. Before the wrestlers can get to their feet, Vengador jumps back into them.

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