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Isaac Mendez creates a a prophetic painting in which Hiro Nakamura faces a large, carnivorous dinosaur.

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The Tyrannosaurus rex is a species of dinosaur that lived in what is now North America during the Cretaceous Period (approximately 65 million years ago). Commonly abbreviated to T. rex, it is one of the dinosaurs most often featured in popular culture around the world. Though other dinosaurs are featured, the only named species remains the Tyrannosaurus.



On Hiro's office desk, an action figure with a sword faces a figurine of Godzilla, a fictional monster that resembles a dinosaur.

Six Months Ago

When Hiro realizes he has teleported to the wrong time, he says if he teleports again, he could end up as "lunch for a T. rex!"


A painting by Isaac Mendez depicts a dinosaur attacking a sword-wielding Hiro Nakamura. Seeing, the painting, Hiro worries that by traveling back so far in time, he might inadvertently change the future, while Ando wisely points out that he has a bigger problem to worry about.


While at the Museum of Natural History, Hiro watches a short documentary about the Tyrannosaurus rex. When the large meat-eating dinosaur devours a smaller animal, Hiro tells the animated dinner to look out. The documentarian says, "If we could go back in time, there's no telling what wonders we'd find." Hiro replies, "I wish." Other dinosaur models also are on display in the museum. Later, after Hiro steals the fake sword, he encounters a large-scale model of a dinosaur. He practices his samurai moves in front of the phony creature, echoing Isaac's prophetic painting.


Young Hiro wears pajamas with many dinosaurs printed on the cloth.


  • The dinosaur in Isaac's painting is not of a T. rex. Likewise, the dinosaur in front of which Hiro stands is not a Tyrannosaurus either. Some believe these two dinosaurs look like the species Carnotaurus.
    • In a forum post, Tim Sale, the real life artist of the painting, states that he believes he painted a Carnotaurus. He used a dinosaur model from the La Brea Tar Pits exhibit in the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County.
    • According to Greg Beeman's blog, scenes that took place at the Museum were filmed at Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County. The Natural History Museum possesses a model of a Carnotaurus, but only the skeleton of a Tyrannosaurus.


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