Edgar's list

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Edgar's list
Edgar's list.jpg
Noah and Lauren look at Edgar's list.

First mentioned: Let It Bleed
Owned by: Noah and Lauren
Current status: In Noah and Lauren's possession

Edgar creates a list of evolved humans at the carnival and their abilities.


Let It Bleed

Captured by Noah, Edgar provides Noah and Lauren with a list of all the carnies living at Sullivan Bros. Carnival, as well as the abilities they possess. He also gives them a map of the carnival.

Later, when Edgar escapes, he rushes past the list and other papers, knocking everything to the floor.

The List

Name Ability
Samuel Sullivan controls the earth
Joseph Sullivan controls emotions
Lydia sees what people need
Edgar super speed
Teddy makes things appear and disappear
Damian projects lost memories into you
Amanda spontaneous combustion
Caleb spider mimicry
Game Operator telekinesis
Becky invisibility
Eli replicates himself
Fire Breather family fire breathing
Doyle puppet master
Mrs. Comey heat generator
Ian Michaels makes things grow

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