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Heroes Wiki would like to wish the following members of the cast and crew who were born in June a happy birthday:
Season One Cast: Sterling Beaumon, 2 June 1995Nicole Bilderback, 10 June 1975Benjamin Byron Davis, 21 June 1971Jack Guzman, 21 June 1978Missy Peregrym, 16 June 1982Rick Peters, and &#x
Season Two Cast: Ivonne Coll, 18 June 1947Julie Costello, 1 June 1976Shawnie Costello, 1 June 1976Mark Harelik, and &#x00
Season Three Cast: Joshuin Barker, 17 JuneWade Harlan, 15 JuneMalcolm McDowell, 13 June 1943Ned Schmidtke, and &#x002
Series Crew: Jesse Alexander, 24 June 1967Ruth Ammon, 27 JuneVictor Anderson, 16 June 1968Donna Deitch, 8 June 1945Ernest Dickerson, 25 June 1951Angela Gurule, 12 JuneBruce Hill, 4 June 1962Timm Keppler, 10 June 1978BJ McDonnell, 21 June 1975Brian Munce, 25 JuneHugh Aodh O'Brien, 13 June 1964Joe Pokaski, 11 June 1974Glenton Richards, 30 JuneLiz Salinas, 22 JuneMonty L. Simons, 19 June 1963Scott Stolz, 27 June 1968Roger Stoneburner, 21 June 1962Aury Wallington, 23 June 1978Greg Yaitanes, and &#x002
Graphic Novel Crew: Jesse Alexander, 24 June 1967ChrisCross, 23 June 1968Antonio Fabela, 26 June, 1977Micah Gunnell, 18 June 1980Timm Keppler, 10 June 1978Joe Pokaski, 11 June 1974Mark Sable, and &#x002
Webisodes Crew: Jesse Alexander, 24 June 1967Lisa Marie DeRoma, 3 JuneTimm Keppler, and &#x002
For a complete listing of cast and crew members' dates of birth, see cast and crew birthdays.
Holidays and observances
Heroes Wiki would like to wish its users a happy and safe holiday season. The following are annual Heroes observances:
For additional holidays and observances, see Wikipedia's holidays by country category.
This month in Heroes history
The below events are known to occur in the current month of June:
For additional events in Heroes history, see Heroes Wiki's timeline article.

Current checklists

Latest Episode: Project Reborn (checklist)
Latest Webisode: Damen Peak, Part 3 (checklist)
Latest Graphic Novel: Godsend, Part 5 (checklist)

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The following are being considered for deletion and ordered by last edit date:

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Longest talk pages

Following are the twenty longest talk pages (User talk namespace and archive category omitted):
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