Hiro and Ando's cell

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Hiro and Ando's cell
Hiro and Ando in their cell.
Location: Hartsdale, NY
Purpose: Holding cell

Hiro and Ando, after being captured by The Haitian, are held in their cell.

Notable Occupants

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I Am Become Death

Hiro and Ando, now imprisoned in their cell, aren't getting along. Ando is angry that Hiro said he didn't need him, and Hiro is still freaked out that Future Ando killed him. The two team up for a moment to open up a vent in the ceiling of the prison cell so they can escape. After that, Ando refuses to go up but agrees to help Hiro up. Just as Hiro gets halfway into the vent, the Haitian shows up to rain on their parade.


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