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Las Vegas warehouse

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Las Vegas warehouse
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Purpose: Storage

A high-stakes poker game is held at a warehouse.

Notable Visitors


Better Halves

Ando and Hiro are taken to the warehouse by the high roller, who demands that they make him win. As Ando is playing, he discovers a gun. He tells Hiro, and they go into the bathroom. While in the bathroom, they hear a woman enter the warehouse and kill all the men. Hearing this, Hiro says he must help them, but Ando says they must escape.

The next day, D.L. and Niki drive to the warehouse to meet the men. They find the door is locked, but D.L. somehow gains access. When they enter the large room, they discover that the have been torn in half.



  • D.L. tells Niki that he knows a guy in North Vegas who cleans money. it is assumed that the warehouse is also in North Vegas. (Better Halves)


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