Estación de policía de Manhattan

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Estación de policía de Manhattan
Ubicación: New York, NY
Propósito: NYPD Police department

Matt works at a Manhattan police station.

Tabla de contenidos

Notable Locations

  • Interrogation room
  • Reception
  • Training area

Notable Employees

Notable Visitors


Four Months Later...

In a training session, Matt telepathically distinguishes a decoy kidnapper from a decoy hostage. Detective Fuller, impressed with Matt's abilities, gives Matt a badge and congratulates him on becoming a member of the NYPD.


Matt and Detective Fuller bring Angela back to the station to interrogate her about Kaito's death threat and subsequent murder. Nathan arrives to retrieve his mother. As Nathan and Matt talk in the hallway, Angela begins screaming, seemingly attacked by an unseen assailant.

Fight or Flight

Matt tells an officer to take Angela back to holding, when Nathan questions him about interrogating her. Matt explains that he believes she did not kill Kaito, and says he is going to visit his father in Philadelphia. Nathan asks to go along. Although Matt has some concerns, he agrees.

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