Maury Parkman's apartment

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Maury Parkman's apartment
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Location: Philadelphia, PA
Purpose: Residence

Maury Parkman's apartment is the ninth apartment in an apartment building located in Philadelphia.

Notable Residents

Notable Visitors


The Kindness of Strangers

Matt asks Molly to find her "nightmare-man" on a map. When she does so, it leads her to Philadelphia, and then to an apartment, with the number 9.

Fight or Flight

Matt and Nathan break into the apartment and confront Maury, who points a shotgun at the two. Matt disarms him, and finds another death threat aimed at Maury. Maury takes Matt into a back room - leading him into a nightmare. Nathan follows, and enters his own nightmare, while Maury escapes from his apartment. Nathan and Matt fight each other due to their visions, although they eventually break free.


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