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Characters from Saving Charlie

  • Matsu Bekku, the captain of the Physics Olympics team at Hiro's high school.
  • Dwayne, one of Lloyd's friends.
  • Sakumi Eisho, a girl that Hiro has a crush on as a preteen.
  • Erika, Charlie's aunt who took Charlie as her own child when Charlie's parents died.
  • "Fauxhawk", a teenage boy that Hiro watches make out with his girlfriend.
  • Kozumi, a young man that Hiro felt his boyhood crush was in love with.
  • Senor Manfredi, one of Kaito's friends who invited Hiro and Kaito to the Running of the Bulls.
  • Tami Oyoki, Kimiko's best friend on whom Hiro had a crush until he found out she liked another guy.
  • PJ, an employee at a comic book store at the mall.
  • Robogirl, the superpowered robot from the manga Robogirl whom Hiro compares Charlie to a lot.
  • Mrs. Roiz, the landlady of Hiro's apartment in Texas.
  • Willie, one of Lloyd's friends.

Characters from Brave New World

Characters from A Matter of Trust

Characters from Dirty Deeds

Characters from Catch and Kill

Characters from Save the Cheerleader, Destroy the World

Characters from A Long Way from Home

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