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Skull ring

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Skull ring

First mentioned: One Giant Leap
Owned by: D.L.'s crew
Current status: held by Niki Sanders

D.L.'s crew wore matching skull rings.


One Giant Leap

Niki Sanders finds a skull ring on the finger of a body buried in the desert. She recognizes it as one worn by her estranged husband D.L. Hawkins's crew. She later goes to her mother-in-law's house with it, indicating that she believes it proves D.L. is guilty of murdering his associates and stealing the money.

Better Halves

Jessica tells Niki that it was she who killed D.L.'s crew. She left the map for Niki to bury Linderman's thugs in the same spot she'd already buried D.L.'s crew.


  • In Stolen Time, none of D.L.'s crew is shown wearing any type of ring.


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