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[[{{{link}}}|      ]]


For use on Portal:Abilities

Use nonlinktext to add whitespace to short entries by adding <br>&nbsp; for each needed line.

If an examples article exists at "Examples of (name of power)", it will automatically be linked.

|image=<!-- Filename of image -->
|link=<!-- Article title for Power -->
|text=<!-- OPTIONAL override for name of power; "override=" always works -->
|nonlinktext=<!-- (OPTIONAL) Add "<br>&nbsp;" to add an extra line for formatting -->
|lines=<!-- (OPTIONAL) Add "auto" or character# to automate adding an extra line for formatting -->
|size=<!-- (OPTIONAL) Add "small" to use Template:Portalnavcell instead -->

Note: size="small" option allows for "smalltext" but does not use "nonlinktext".