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Las Siguientes teorias de los fans son acerca de Shanti Suresh.

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Shanti Suresh had the ability to morph her body into stone. Shanti had a genetic anomaly that was the precursor to Chandra's research. (Six Months Ago). + When Mohinder remembered his father's reference to having a heart of stone in Homecoming, he tried to think of a connection between the phrase "heart of stone" and the password to view the list on Chandra's computer, which was "SHANTI".
- The phrase "heart of stone" can refer to the state of Chandra's heart after Shanti died, giving Mohinder the same connection.

If this is true, could Shanti be Uluru?

Shanti is alive and hiding.None.- Chandra, Mrs. Suresh, Mohinder, and Thompson all stated that Shanti is dead. (Seven Minutes to Midnight, The Hard Part)
Shanti is in the afterworld or some such place.Hana Gitelman states that death is never what we expect. (The Death of Hana Gitelman, Part 2)Perhaps this is where Charles Deveaux is.

Perhaps she still exists in an ethereal form, like Hana Gitelman.

Shanti was experimented on by the Company Adam tells Peter that the Company has been working on a "cure" for 30 years. (Four Months Ago...) It may be possible that Shanti was an early abductee of the Company around thirty years ago without Chandra's knowledge, and that their experimentations to develop a cure for special abilities may have resulted in a mutated strain, the first case of what would become the Shanti Virus, which killed her despite Chandra's effort to find a cure.

The Company seems to have a fairly large stock of the Shanti Virus, suggesting that they have been experimenting with the strain for some time. This supports the notion that the "cure" medication began with the experiments on Shanti.
+ Victoria Pratt, a member of The Company, discovered the virus in Shanti's blood on Valentine's Day, 1977. (Truth and Consequences)

Shanti's power was electrical absorption. None. + Mohinder says that the dying patient has all the same symptoms his sister did. (Blackout, Part 1)
Shanti's power was the virus itself. It's been implied that she was "special" and all we know about her is she was the first known victim of the "Shanti Virus". + Maya has the power to release a disease and kill the people around her, maybe Shanti had a similiar power, but she couldn't control and contain it.

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