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Ricky's ability is the ability to produce a burst of plasma. None + Ricky was able to instantly destroy one of Eli's clones, reducing it to dust. A massive transfer of heat energy (such as that which would ensue from an interaction of solid matter with plasmicized oxygen and nitrogen) could reduce even a normal human to a smoldering pile of ashes.
- It did not reduce Becky to ashes.
+ The aforementioned "smoldering pile of ashes" scenario would only occur if the target were subjected to a massive, overwhelming burst of plasma. It is implied that Ricky is only just gaining control of his power; it is unlikely that he would be capable of producing a sufficiently potent blast without time to prepare and focus. Also, given that Eli's clones are hollow, they would likely be more strongly affected by a plasma burst than a normal human; with only a shell of skin, the heat energy of a plasma blast would be concentrated over a smaller area. In fact, if Eli's clones are literally hollow (i.e., contain at least trace amounts of some form of gas), then the increased pressure could theoretically blow the clone apart from the inside out.

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