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The following fan theories are about Metal mimicry.

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If a metal mimic turned their entire body into metal, they would be immune to electric manipulation. None + If the substance metal mimics become is conductive, any electrical attack used on them would be re-routed into the ground (or into whatever they were holding), being grounded.
- However, if a metal mimic is in the water, they will be blasted - therefore, they are not completely immune to electricity.

Danny was hurt by the flames Meredith created. If this was because he could still feel pain in his transmuted flesh, an electrical current running through him would be agony.

It is unknown whether Danny's pain stemmed from functioning nerves in his metal arm or from having a hunk of heated metal attached to his arm.
+ It would almost certainly hurt, but pain's a lot better than being reduced to a charred skeleton, like Ricky was.
- But that means metal mimics aren't immune to electricity - they can't be harmed, but they can still feel pain.
+ In terms of survival, if an ability cannot injure or kill you, then you are immune to it.
Metal mimics are susceptible to magnetism. None + If the substance which metal mimics become is a form of metal, then someone with magnetism would have no trouble subduing them, as long as they stayed in metal form.
Metal mimicry (or at least the version used by Danny Pine) functions by channeling minerals and metals in the blood. None. + When a person is burned, blood rushes to the affected area. If sufficient amounts of iron were forced into a single portion of the body, that body part could begin to exhibit the qualities of iron, rather than flesh.
+ This would explain why Danny could only turn part of his body into metal, despite having large amounts of time in which to develop his ability.

- Channeling all of the iron in one's blood to a specific area would likely have negative health effects on the user.
- The amount of iron in the human body is comparable to that of a nail, not enough to account for all the change in his arm, and its resistance to bullets.

+ Danny Pine's body may have contained organs which held large amounts of metals such as iron or even titanium. When he activated his ability, they would send a large amount of metal through his bloodstream to his arm.
- The amount of titanium in the human body is almost negligible, and high iron would cause haemochromatosis.
+ Normal humans have small amounts of titanium and are poisoned by large amounts of iron. Danny Pine was not a normal human. The aforementioned specialized organs might store the titanium/iron somehow.

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