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The following fan theories are about Mindy Sprague.

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Theory Citations Notes
Mindy would have been the new wife of Adam Monroe. None + Mindy carried a file of Adam Monroe.

+ Ted's father is implied to be Adam.

- A file is not an implication of Adam being his father.

+ Adam said he would have a new wife, maybe he intended it to be Mindy Sprague.

- Adam never said he would have a new wife, he said his eleventh was out there, implying she was already married to him.
+ Adam might have considered Mindy like a wife if they had previously dated. Like if they were engaged, even though he was married. Or they may got back together during his escape from Primatech.

+ They both worked at the Company at around the same time.

- She was Adam's replacement.
She was Adam's replacement for that assignment.
- Adam didn't like children, he left one of his wives after they had children, she wouldn't stay if she had children, his or someone else's.
+ By the time of his eleventh wife, Ted was a dead adult. So he could return to Mindy.
Mindy will be seen in Season 5. None + She has been introduced before the Season started like Maya.

+ The show's future is uncertain. They need Mindy to clear up some loose ends.

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