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Age 17
Home Tulsa, OK
Occupation Student
Favorite Heroes quote Cake?
Favorite quote I have a bad feeling about this...
Favorite color Crimson
Favorite episode Company Man
Favorite character Claude
Least favorite character Maya
US I am from the United States

I got into Heroes after a friend convinced me to buy Season 1 on DVD, and have been a fanboy since.

Favorite Band(s): Lincoln Park, Coheed & Cambria
Favorite Food: Chocolate
Favorite Show(s): Heroes, Lost, Fringe, Big Bang Theroy, House

Best Heroes Moment: Sylar's killing of Sue Landers
Worst Heroes Moment: Anything with Maya.

Top 5 Heroes

  1. Peter
  2. D.L.
  3. Ando
  4. Claude
  5. René

Top 5 Villians

  1. Samuel
  2. Adam
  3. Elle
  4. Linderman
  5. Sylar

Top 5 Redshirts

  1. Stephen Canfield
  2. Dale Smither
  3. Zane Taylor
  4. James Martin
  5. Sue Landers

Top 5 Powers

  1. Electric manipulation
  2. Phasing
  3. Terrakinesis
  4. Gravitational manipulation
  5. Space-time manipulation

5 Worst Characters

  1. Mr. Muggles
  2. Maya
  3. West (in the episodes)
  4. Alejandro
  5. West (in the graphic novels)

Top 5 GN only Characters

  1. Donna Dunlap
  2. Donald Essex
  3. Connie Logan
  4. Linda Tavara
  5. Eric Thompson, Jr.