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Rowan manipulates the color of his dartboard.
Originally held by: Chris Garcia,
Absorbed by: Rowan Quinain
Ability to: Manipulate color

Chromakinesis is the ability to manipulate color.


  • Chris Garcia originally had this ability.
  • Rowan Quinain has absorbed this ability from Chris Garcia, his art teacher.
  • Hancock also has this ability.


This ability allows the user to manipulate the color of anything, with practically no boundaries. Both Chris and Rowan have been able to change the colors of solids, liquids, and gases with their ability.

Chris Garcia

Chris is far more adept with his ability than Rowan. Although he has been shown to be able to create magnificent drawings just by touching his hand to a canvas, he prefers to use his ability just to manipulate the colors of his drawing utensils, and create his art himself.

Rowan Quinain

Rowan has possessed this ability for a considerably less amount of time than his art teacher. He is able to create crude drawings on paper with just his ability, although they resemble little more than finger paintings. Like his teacher, he prefers to simply manipulate the colors of his paints and pencils to draw.

Rowan has extended his ability beyond art, however. In one instance, he used his ability to turn the air around him completely black to elude captors in pursuit of him.


Since paint could not survive traveling the earth's atmosphere, and would be ineffective on lunar soil, it is assumed that Hancock used chromakinesis to create the All-Heart logo on the moon.

Memorable Quotes

"That's a pretty cool painting there, Rowan."

"I learned from one of the best."

- Chris, Rowan

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