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Omnipotent mimicry
Epic powers.png
One day, Rowan couldn't create electroplasma, but the next day he could.
Originally held by: Rowan Quinain
Absorbed by: Cannot be absorbed
Ability to: Absorb all abilities

Omnipotent mimicry is the ability to passively absorb all evolved human abilities in the world.



Omnipotent mimicry which works in a similar way to empathic mimicry. Rowan discovered he had this ability after absorbing another ability that allowed him to identify his own innate ability, which was omnipotent mimicry.

Rowan's extreme, heartfelt empathy with the rest of the human world when they experience hardships such as war and famine causes him to continuously absorb the abilities of all of the evolved humans in the world, without having to be in contact with or even having to know the person from whom he is absorbing powers. However, this seems to be affecting the rest of his functions; he has been experiencing decreased concentration, short term memory loss, decreased physical capacities, decreased willpower, impaired judgment, etc.

Rowan's brain seems to have subconsciously exercised some control on his ability; now, it is highly unlikely that Rowan will be able to accidentally access anymore abilities unless he is aware of them. Additionally, omnipotent mimicry no longer works for Rowan. Upon recently identifying his innate ability, he determined he now had empathic mimicry, and not omnipotent mimicry. It is unclear how long this ability switch will last.

Memorable Quotes

"Dude, you're God!"

"Shut up. Don't call me that."

- Rowan's friend, Rowan

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