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Guerra de Vietnam

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Dallas and Austin fight alongside other soldiers during the Vietnam War.

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The Vietnam War, which began in 1959 and ended on April 30, 1975, was fought between the Democratic Republic of Vietnam (North Vietnam) and the United States. The terms of the Paris Peace Accord of 1973 stipulated that the United States withdraw from Vietnam. It is generally accepted that Vietnam emerged victorious from the battle, despite having an estimated five million casualties; the United States had about 58,000 casualties.

Graphic Novel:War Buddies, Part 2

On November 8, 1968, five soldiers with codenames embark on a top secret mission to recover a downed A4 Skyhawk. Their mission takes them 40 miles into enemy territory, along the Mekong River. On November 15, their position becomes compromised, and they are ambushed by enemy fire. Amarillo, Loredo, and San Antonio are killed, and Dallas is badly injured (but quickly healed). Austin appears to receive no injuries.

Graphic Novel:War Buddies, Part 3

On November 20, 1968, Dallas and Austin continue the mission to find the downed crew. After finding a Viet Cong informant, Dallas interrogates the man, ordering Austin to heal him several times. Finally, they find the crash site where the crew has been killed. Dallas, realizing that they are close to the Skyhawk's target, wishes to proceed with the destruction of the village.

Graphic Novel:War Buddies, Part 4

Austin and Dallas destroy Au Co, Vietnam, killing many villagers. After a woman cries to a girl named Au Co, Dallas realizes the mission was not regarding the village, but the girl.

Graphic Novel:War Buddies, Part 5

Dallas shoots Au Co; Austin tries to heal her, but she is already dead. The two soldiers receive silver medals for their actions. When Dallas is discharged home, he feels that his whole life is pointless. Later, Austin tells Dallas that he learned an important lesson during the war: great men sometimes make sacrifices to save the world.

Graphic Novel:War Buddies, Part 7

Even after returning home, Linderman is still haunted by the war. He later tells Linda Tavara what the war was like during a night of camping together.


  • The Mekong River area of Vietnam was a popular battle site during the Vietnam War.
  • Dallas mentions that "politicians were in Paris trying to broker peace". In reality, the Paris Peace Accords began in May 1968, but were not finally signed until 1973.
  • Dallas and Austin receive silver medals for their Vietnam War actions (War Buddies, Part 5). The medals' design is identical to the Silver Star medal with one exception: the Silver Star is mostly bronze, yet the medals in the graphic novel are silver.


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