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Mr. Linderman
Portrayed by None
First appearance first mentioned in Genesis
In-story stats
Occupation Racketeer

Mr. Linderman is a "business man" with apparent mafia connections. He is based in Las Vegas, NV and appears to use the hotel/gambling industry as cover for his illegal activities.

Character History


Nathan Petrelli calls Linderman from his campaign office in New York. Niki Sanders owes him money, which she cannot repay. He seems determined to collect what he is owed, first sending two thugs to Sanders' home.

Don't Look Back

Niki tells Tina about the thugs, and that Mr. Linderman will track her down regardless of who is responsible for their deaths. She decides to run.

One Giant Leap

Linderman sends a corrupt police officer to retrieve Niki.


Linderman's hotel manager, Miss Sakamoto, makes a deal with Niki: in exchange for seducing Nathan Petrelli, Linderman will forgive her debt. Nathan visits Linderman's casino in Las Vegas hoping to obtain money for his campaign. Niki and Nathan meet up and spend some time together, but when Niki tries to back out of the deal, another of Linderman's thugs tries to change her mind.


Miss Sakamoto tells Niki that Mr. Linderman has reviewed the tape of her alter-ego's encounter with Nathan and discharges her debt. She later tells Nathan that the video is a favor he will repay Mr. Linderman for later. However, Nathan senses that this means his election is more important to Linderman than he believed, and leverages more money out of him.

Nothing to Hide

Simone Deveaux tells Peter Petrelli that Mr. Linderman has bought Isaac Mendez's missing painting. Nathan talks with Linderman over the phone to attempt to retrieve the painting for his brother. Linderman sends the painting to Simone's gallery.


  • Linderman is currently an unseen who has only been referred to by other characters.
  • Linderman has a connection to every hero except Claire, Matt, and Ted.

Fan Theories

Please refer to Theory:Daniel Linderman for fan-created theories and other speculation.

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