R.D. Hall

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R.D. Hall
R.D. Hall.jpg
Title Graphic novel writer
Date of birth 29 August 1974
Origin Lexington, KY, USA
Gender Male
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R.D. Hall is a graphic novel writer.


R.D. Hall writes comics, screenplays, and other works. R.D.'s first comic was Frankenstein: Monster Mayhem for Dead Dog Comics. More recently, R.D. wrote American Wasteland: Blood and Diesel for Arcana Comics. He also wrote an unproduced screenplay for The Craving. Additionally, R.D. has written articles for Cryptic Magazine, and he writes the Brain Juice column at comicmonsters.com. His comic Horror Book (Image Comics) was published in June 2008, and the American Wasteland Trade Paperback was published in 2010.

Graphic Novels Written


  • R.D. graduated from the University of Kentucky with a degree in English. He studied film, writing, and 16th century poetry.
  • R.D. gave a friend the nickname "Keyboard Samurai". Elle calls Matt Neuenberg "keyboard samurai". (Hana and Drucker's Plot Discovered)
  • R.D. doesn't just write fiction. He also writes for academic journals. "Through a Dark Lens" was published in Mythlore in 2007.

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