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Theory:Water mimicry

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The following fan theories are about Water mimicry.

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Theory Citations Notes
If a water mimic is somehow incapacitated while using their ability, they will die. In Under the Bridge, Part 2, Donald Essex is knocked unconscious and then dissolves completely into salt water. + If a person is knocked out, their body falls to the floor. If someone's body is made of water, then it would theoretically collapse into a puddle if they were somehow rendered unconscious.
- Donald Essex was sprayed with something, it could be a chemical that interferes with the working of his ability.
+ If Danko had access to a spray like that, he would have carried it around at all times and used it frequently. If Sylar had tried to hurt him, Danko would have used it like mace and taken Sylar down.
- The spray could be specific to affect water, Danko's team found Donald's DNA in the water on the prison bus.
+ The amount of money necessary to manufacture a substance would vastly outweigh its benefits. Also, it would probably take a long time to produce it - more time than it took to track Donald down.
The US government has money, and if the Company was able to track down people before their abilities actually manifested by checking genetic profiles, so could the government. And the spray could have been made to affect water, not necessarily someone who turned into water.
Also, the marker they found is the same for all evolved humans, regardless of their ability. For all they knew, he could have had any ability. Several abilities other than water mimicry (impenetrable skin, teleportation, phasing, etc.) could have allowed Donald to escape the bus unscathed.
Chandra was able to determine some abilities based on genetic markers, the US government has far for resources, information and personnel to work on those.
- More resources doesn't mean better results. Chandra managed to create a program that could find evolved humans; the Company, despite all the powers and resources at its disposal, couldn't.
+ It means more tries, and more chances to get results. And the Company did have a program to find evolved humans, otherwise the wouldn't have taken Jeremy Greer in before he actually manifested his ability.
- Jeremy Greer was taken in because he had developed the first part of his ability (the power to heal), not because the Company knew he had an ability beforehand.

In addition, if the government had created a substance which could shut down abilities, they would have outfitted every group of soldiers with the stuff.

Not necessarily a substance to shut down abilities, it could be something that affected water, which they found in the prison bus.
+ The creators stated that the substance which water mimics probably isn't water; it just looks like it.
It could affect that substance (whatever it is).
The spray most likely breaks down whatever molecular bonds the liquid has formed.
- He could've dissolved into water because he was unconscious, not because of the spray. For all we know, the spray could've just been some sort of sedative.

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